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About Us

Our team of software experts have worked with clients across the world to exceed their expectations on projects that we deliver.

Building Software, Developing Relationships

Our mission is to provide international businesses with customized software development solutions using our specially-created teams based on their specific needs. We listen, consult, strategize and deliver the technology you need to power your business.

Our company

Redsoup Software is group of IT consultants based in Ukraine that work with clients in North American and Western European markets on a wide range of software and technology- based projects.

We believe that they key to our success is the unique combination of customer-oriented service backed by the scalable resources of our parent company. Redsoup Software itself is comprised of a boutique team that works directly with our clients to build strong relationships that let us understand their needs. We want to become part of your vision, allowing us to know the “why” of your project.

Then, to make your vision a reality, we use the extensive resources of our holding company, CS Ltd. Originally established in 1997, CS Ltd. has successfully developed fintech product and provided customized services for customers in Ukraine and abroad.

The Redsoup Software Advantage

In order to help you propel your business to the next level, we use a combination of capabilities to develop fully customized software solutions. Our expertise in technology, transparent communication with clients and cost-effective approach all blend together to make us the best choice for your development needs!

Why Develop Your Software in Ukraine?

We are based in Ukraine because it offers a remarkable amount of technical talent that can complete all aspects of your project within a budget you can afford! With over 850 higher education institutions, 16,000 annual IT graduates and copious amounts of certified IT specialists ready to work on your project, we are able to build teams willing and able to deliver high quality development to meet your needs.

Specialized In-House Development Teams

To meet the needs of our clients, we have scoured Ukraine’s acclaimed IT industry to put together flexible teams that can accomplish whatever you need! We can’t quite build rocketships yet, but the fusion of project management and expert software development teams working together on your technology will get you where you need to be.

We’re ready to add you to our list of clients, so get in touch with our team today and let’s begin working together on your next software project now!